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Jamie Jessop is a Strategic Planning Consultant with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. Jamie is new to the consultant role, but has handled the internal operations and procedural mapping for an industrial company for the past three years. Having five years of experience with in house strategic business planning, process improvement and implementation, consulting was a natural path for her to take.

Completing Lean training in early 2015, Jamie successfully launched and oversaw a lean/ 5s - implementation program in an industrial production setting.  Partaking in the process with a hands on manner from the shop floor to the office with concrete, efficient outcomes. Jamie has a passion for customer service - believing that exceptional service both in house and customer relations is vital to a successful business. She assisted in the launch of a coaching program to boost customer satisfaction in a service industry. Taking the branch from a failing metric to a corporate leader in customer satisfaction. With an incredible eye for detail and exceptional organization and planning methods she obtains a successful implementation rate.

Jamie is eager to make her mark in business consulting with
Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. by taking your business to the next level

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